Another flag burns.#shawshooting

holy shit. no noo no no no i do NOT care the cause, i don’t CARE what the supreme court says you do NOT fucking burn the flag what the FUCK is your problem. disrespectful bags of shit oh my GOD

That thing where a certain group of people are more outraged over a piece of polysynthetic fiber than the horrific loss of Black life in this country.


bruh, i swear to fucking God…

"holy shit. no noo no no no"

That’s what mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters and family and friends say when black people are murdered. but no one hears it.

"i do NOT care the cause,"

Of course you don’t. because black lives don’t matter to you. It’s painfully evident from your entire post.

"i don’t CARE what the supreme court says"

Clearly you’re not alone in your thoughts. All human life was deemed valuable and according to the government, we have the right to pursue happiness in this life, so long as we don’t infringe on the rights of others. But you said it. You don’t care.

"you do NOT fucking burn the flag"

You don’t murder innocent people and protect the murderers. But, you know…

"what the FUCK is your problem."

Well… A black person was murdered over skittles; a black person was murdered over “loud music;” a black person was murdered for no reason while cops attempted to say it was over cigarillos- as if that justifies the murder; a black person was murdered in walmart with a toy bb gun on his back- ironically in a state where you’re free to carry, if i’m not mistaken; a black person was murdered over a sandwich. There are PLENTY more. I haven’t even begun to touch the surface. That’s just the smoke rising out of the fire. I guess… the loss of black lives would be the issue, but you’ve already said you don’t care.

"disrespectful bags of shit oh my GOD"

That’s exactly how we feel about the cops who keep killing us and our children! Look at that! Wow. But oh my God, you’re more concerned with an OBJECT than an actual PERSON. A LIFE. A HUMAN BEING. You guys are so comical. As if we give a fuck what you think. Stay the fuck in your lane or get ran the fuck over.


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its unusual for me, but I have a bunch of feelings that I dont know how to handle right now. Women, work, school, life… idk if its the alcohol talking, or the music talking, but things just seem out of place…